Nadine Shah - Seven SongsComparisons are quite easily made. Sometimes they can be flattering, but sometimes also irritating. And in other cases they just fit. There’s nothing wrong with comparing British songwriter NADINE SHAH to big heroes like PJ HARVEY and NICK CAVE. Her bluesy songs, full of passion, desperation and other exestential topics of life should be justification enough. Hey, and if big players DEPECHE MODE took her as support on their recent world tour there must be something about Mr. SHAH. It’s not just that she and the synthpop legends share the same producer – Ben Hillier – but also the love for the dark undertones of life. Last year’s debut album Love Your Dum was filled with such tunes. And if you haven’t discovered it yet, don’t hesitate to do so.

For NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION NADINE SHAH selected her very own ‘Seven Songs’ that show her wide range of influences. There’s even room for Tina Turner. Why not? Click through her selected favourites on the following pages.