Moaning – ‘Don’t Go’

Photo by Michael Schmelling

Say what you want against the good ol’ label structure but one of its benefits, especially for me, comes from a certain coherent sound of their roster. Well, at least that’s the way it should be. If you take the iconic Sub Pop folks, for example, you know that you just get high quality independent music with a certain love for edgy and unadapted attitude. Sean Solomon, Pascal Stevenson and Andrew MacKelvie are the latest new members of the Sub Pop gang and the sound of their band Moaning works pretty well as an argument for quality, if you ask me.

The post-punk trio was discovered by acclaimed producer Alex Newport (At The Drive-In, Bloc Party) who also producer their upcoming self-titled debut album, which arrives on March 2, 2018. The lead single Don’t Go is a furious piece of DIY material, one that combines edgy weltschmerz with a a tender melody. New Order could have sounded that way following the end of Joy Division if they hadn’t decided to head for acid house territory. Does that cause excitement in you because it really should. Moaning deliver that sort of sound that never runs out of style and I highly appreciate them for that. (Norman)

Normal Life – ‘Violence’

Photo by Lasse Lindfors

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder where trash ends and art begins. I guess it’s probably wise these days to head for a more cheasy-sounding direction to create something that is actually fresh in terms of its artistic approach. Finnish duo Artturi Taira (aka Shivan Dragn) and Miikka Koivisto (of Disco Ensemble) call their band Normal Life and the sound of their debut release single is quite a special one. They somehow managed to mix their eclectic songwriting and DIY spirit with quite old-fashioned late 90s dance and rave sounds.

Spiderwebs, the A-Side of their new double single comes with a pumping 150 bpm groove and the other tune, Violence, delivers truly uncool trance vibes I personally haven’t experienced since 1998. But since I grew up with that sort of music I think there’s just something in here that really triggers the inner child in me. Damn you, nostalgia! Sometimes it takes a bit biographical distance to worship things like this again. However, Normal Life sound quite unique and that is something you rarely witness these days. (Norman)

Hey Elbow – ‘Tell Me’

Photo by Alice Boman

Hey Elbow‘s 2015 debut Every Other was a highlight of 2015, which means that it’s extremely good news that they’re back. October saw them release comeback single Quest, and now they’re back with another, Tell MeTell Me is the band at their grandest and most ambitious, built from a swell of horns and choral harmonies to make a pop song that scrapes the stars.

Their new album, as of yet without a name, is due in March. Reading the runes of a new album from the lead singles is always tricky business: we knows if they’ll throw a swerve when the next one comes out? But on the basis of the two newbies, the upcoming album sounds like a continuation of their sound on Every Other, but polished and heavier, the occasional lo-fi edge on the debut shorn off and the songs developed into something fuller and more expansive. And that sounds like a record worth looking forward to. (Austin)

Mono Mono – ‘Feel’

Photo by Emil Klitsgaard

Earlier this year we picked Danish duo Mono Mono as part of our little selection called ‘Class Of ’17‘ which focussed on promising acts for this year. Although the band only released two songs over the past months and delayed the release of their debut EP to spring 2018 they still got that mesmerizing dreamy feeling we fell in love with at the first place. On their tender new single called Feel Karoline Elsig and Jakob Franck deliver delicate escapism in the form of dreamy melancholic pop.

The music video underlines the message of the track as it sees the passiveness of the two band members, and expressive dancers alludes to the paradox of loneliness in our increasingly connected society. Mono Mono just give you material to think a bit and that makes this track even sweeter. (Norman)

Magic Island – ‘Easy Babe’

Alright, it’s the final Daily Tune in the final recap of the year, time for a fitting tune to soundtrack that ‘end-of-the-year’-feeling. And honestly, I can’t think of a more fitting one than Easy Babe by Magic Island. Because let’s be honest, folks, 2017 has been one hell of a trip, a rollercoaster ride packed with low points. At least that’s the impression I get if I follow all the clickbaiting links, daily news and all the buzz. Way to often you get the sense that society is f*cked in the end and there’s no necessity to continue righting, right?

Well, don’t lose hope, everybody. In fact, please never do because there’s always a way out. And the soulful Easy Babe delivers all the necessary amount of hope to believe that. ‘I wanna know if the world’s worth saving?’, the Berlin-based singer artists in this retro-infected piece. Still, Magic Island tries to believe that a change is gonna come but she leaves no doubt that it’s going to be a tough ride towards a better future. Easy Babe was recorded with the help of dream pop darlings Fenster and these guys really delivered the right amount of soulful bliss to lift the song to new heights. This is the perfect tune to wish 2017 a farewell for good and welcome a hopefully way better new year. We deserve this, god damn! (Norman)

NBHAP’s Daily Tunes from December 2017

  • Magic Island – ‘Easy Babe’
  • Hey Elbow – ‘Tell Me’
  • Anna Leone – ‘I Never Really’
  • Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? – ‘Bambi Act’
  • Marching Church – ‘Christmas On Earth’
  • Saavan – ‘Slow’
  • August Rosenbaum – ‘Credo, Pt. II (Live)’
  • Mono Mono – ‘Feel’
  • Normal Life – ‘Violence’
  • Raindear – ‘Diamonds In My Chest’
  • Sam Vance-Law – ‘I Think We Should Take It Fast’
  • Animal Noise – ‘Fly’
  • Moaning – ‘Don’t Go’
  • Peggy Sue – ‘Slow Fade’

Find all of those songs and plenty of other new music in the following playlist which – obviously – gets updated daily.