Join NBHAP on Spotify

Join NBHAP on Spotify

Girls and boys! We’ve waited a while to jump on the bandwagon but now we are happy to make it official. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is now officially on Spotify. We’ve got our own profile and you can click right here to discover it. Yes, there’s been a lot of things written about streaming in the past, especially when it comes to a fair payout for the artists. Yes, we are aware of the struggles and road might still be a bit long before everything is set up in the best possible way. But one thing is for sure: streaming is about to stay and Spotify is currently the main protagonist in this game.

Feel happily invited to follow NBHAP on Spotify as we will deliver regularly updated paylists for every occasion. We’ve picked these tunes with love from us for you and we surely hope you’ll share them among your friends and family. And do give you a better understanding of what to expect we would like to give you a brief overview on the playlists we’ve got waiting for you for our launch. This is what NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION on Spotify looks like. And click right here if you want to visit us directly.

Musical Highlights of 2015

This frequently updated list features our favourite tunes of the running year, the ones we think you should really know about.

New Releases

This playlist contains the 30 hottest and freshest songs we feature on NBHAP. We’re going to update it every week for your delight so you’ll always have an overview on the recent releases.

Get Strong

Music can be a motivator that helps you carry on even in times when you find it hard to do so. This playlist contains uplifting and powerful anthems that hopefully help you regain your strength.

Run Away

This playlist gets you in motion. It’s music for road trips, songs you should play when you just need to get out.

Dream On

A playlist dedicated to the more melancholic and introspective moments. This dreamy selection should be played when you want to lock the world outside and like to let yourself fall into the sound.

Think Further

A great message upgrades every song and that’s why we picked a few of our favourites when it comes to thoughtful lyrics and meaningful content.

Feel Good

Well, this is pretty self-explaining, right? You should hit the ‘play’ button to get yourself in a good mood and face the world with a big fat grin.

Heavy Stuff

This is music to tear down walls. Yes, hard, progressive and full of passion. We unleash our heavier side with these tunes and we hope you follow us.

Timeless Classics

Pop music’s history is full of greatness; far too many to mention. This playlist still tries to compile a few of our favourites from the past as we present you 30 classics from before 1990.

Achtung Deutsch

Well, we can’t deny our roots and therefor we worship Germany’s creative music scene by giving you a regular impression on crafted German-singing bands and artists that deserve your attention.

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