Nothing But Dreampop - Artwork

Artwork by Riccardo Bandiera

‘You might say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.’ You remember this timeless lyric by John Lennon. Maybe you consider yourself a dreamer as well. One may dream of a more hopeful future or just use daydreaming to distract from harsh reality.  There are as many occasions for dreaming as there are multiple definitions of the ‘dreampop.’

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01. SIN COS TAN – Columbia
02. NIGHT SPORTS – Alcohol Kisses
03. PARIS XY – The Return (SUN GLIITERS Remix)
04. SUMMER HEART – U Got All I’m Looking 4
05. WOLFMAN – Won’t Be Tamed
06. FYFE – Lies
07. A WEEKEND AT THE FEELIES – Lowly Buzzard
08. SLEEP PARTY PEOPLE – I See The Moon (ft. Lisa Light)
09. SEA CHANGE – Let’s Dance
10. SHY FOR SHORE – Love, Again
11. NUOLI – My Curse Is My Mind
12. FKA TWIGS – Ultraviolet (Insightful Fondle)


Now it’s time for Nothing But… Dreampop, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION’s latest free digital sampler.  After months of careful research, your NBHAP team has assembled several genre gems: from soft synthesizer pop melodies to hypnotic rock sounds with shoegaze undertones – there’s something for all you star-crossed and flower-clutching dreamy types.

Finnish duo SIN COS TAN opens the collection with their tropical adventures before their fellow Scandinavians NIGHT SPORTS and SUMMER HEART bring a groove into the dreampop equation. Talented newcomers A WEEKEND AT THE FEELIES float hand in hand with well-known classics like SLEEP PARTY PEOPLE, SUN GLITTERS or the latest Young Turks label darling FKA TWIGS.  And what could be better than allowing yourself a tiny little daydream while the summer is slowly winding down outside?

We hope you enjoy our selection and maybe find a new artist to love and fall in love to. This music deserves your attention. So without further ado – close your eyes, hit ‘play’ and step into a dreamworld.