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The Messier Objects - Cover


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The Messier Objects

Release-Date: 06.02.2015
Label: Alientransistor

01. Object 1
02. Object 2
03. Object 3
04. Object 4
05. Object 5
06. Object 6
07. Object 7
08. Object 8
09. Object 9
10. Object 10
11. Object 11
12. Object 12
13. Object 13
14. Object 14
15. Object 15
16. Das Spiel ist aus
17. Object 16


NBHAP Rating: 3,2/5


Visual elements

THE NOTWIST represent themselves in a somewhat unusual spotlight with their new album. The Messier Objects is a collection of instrumental soundtracks, ideally used for visual projects. The main recognizable element from previous albums is the heavily used synthesizer; never change a winning team. With this album they take us on an intense walk with their detailed instrumentation and expressive melodies. Event hough the concept on this album might be different, THE NOTWIST stay true to their style and indie flair.

Das Spiel ist aus

THE NOTWIST do what they do best and manage to bring a smooth selection of emotive songs with a soft pop factor. The songs are subtle, yet at times very energetic. It is a mix of dreamlike sequences and heavy beats. The ensemble is quite elegant and playful with a strong attention to rhythm and beat. The cherry on top of The Messier Objects is Das Spiel ist aus. This over 12-minute piece has already been used in a theatre play adaptation of Jean-Paul Sartre. Here we hear the synthesis of what this album is meant to be: how music is conceptualized to be the accompaniment of something visual. The Germans show us how much they can do with nothing more than a melody and a beat.


This conceptual album needs some getting used to, considering that most songs are quite short and intense and the fact that The Messier Objects is a new milestone in the band’s history. Nevertheless this album of soundtracks does make sense as a whole. The individual songs (or ‘objects’) might not be that convincing, but the total package is a gentle lullaby that impresses with a certain sensitivity. The ‘objects’ are building a story throughout the album and it is up to us to surrender ourselves to it.

THE NOTWIST and ‘The Messier Objects’ break with the ‘classic album’ and bring us expressive soundtracks that give the band a whole other dimension.