Open Source Festival
With the Open Source Festival taking place in summer and the New Fall Festival following in early autumn, Düsseldorf succeeded to establish two conceptually distinct festivals that each present a diverse, entertaining, and high quality line-up. Whereas Open Source is located at a racecourse in the midst of a nearby forest, New Fall accommodates itself in elegant and special concert halls and locations right in the heart of the city.

This summer, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION made its way into the woods to find a festival where everyone, from exhibitors and food trucks through to artists and listeners, was enjoying their time in a classy, relaxing environment built with passion for detail.

Open Source Festivalgelände

1. Watching the diverse audience celebrating together

No matter if old, young, handicapped, or with family and kids, everyone was enjoying their time watching the artists perform, exploring different art installations, or just relaxing up the stand or down on the green meadow.

Open Source Festival Audience

2. Paying the Young Talents some recognition

Although big names such as GET WELL SOON, BILDERBUCH, and HOT CHIP played brilliant shows one after another, new bands from all over North Rhine-Westphalia performing on the Young Talent Stage, such as THE RIVAL BID, BLACKBERRIES, and MARTON HARVEST, also got a fair share of attention by festival visitors.

Open Source Festival Young Talent Stage

3. Imagining being part of the most beautiful painting

One could hardly ignore the picturesque scenery behind the Main Stage showing the beauty of nature as well as an impressive mansion looking like Dracula’s castle.

Open Source Festivalgelände Relaxed

4. Realising it’s a family event

The situation in front of the stages was relaxed. Up to GET WELL SOON many people just laid down on their blankets watching the artists perform. No pressure, no pushing aside. Minutes before the start of HOT CHIP’s performance there were even some kids playing football right next to the stage.

Open Source Family Event

5. Bilderbuch getting slightly political

Probably most memorable of BILDERBUCH’s performance was their drummer wearing a shirt embodying the European flag reminding us that together we’re stronger.

Bilderbuch live at Open Source Festival

6. Hot Chip burning down the house

Open Source made the most perfect decision letting HOT CHIP headline the Main Stage. ALEXIS TAYLOR, Joe Goddard, and the band stood on stage like fairy-tale figures wearing long robes and straw hats, delivering the most glorious performance of the evening and making the audience rave: ‘Nothing is wasted and life is worth living’. Rightly so!

Hot Chip live at Open Source Festival

All Photos by Felix Weichelt for NBHAP
Additional editorial work by Igor Franjić

Open Source Festival