Reeperbahn Festival 2014 - Photo by Lena Meyer

Kid Simius at the Reeperbahn Festival 2014 – Photo: Heiko Sehrsam

The tenth edition of Germany’s biggest and – in our humble opinion – best showcase festival is only a few weeks ahead and the nervous tension increases. Not only will we all have to faith the usual overload of talented and unknown acts to explore. This year’s edition is especially under pressure of serving the extraordinary as the REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL is celebrating its 10th edition from September 23rd to 26th. In a desperate attempt to create something like a guideline for this occasion we offer you this carefully curated plan for each of the four days, including artists which we think you should not miss. However, those are just recommendations. It’s always best to cut loose during the REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL, strive through Hamburg’s famous district of St.Pauli, enjoy the special atmosphere and get lost in the possibilities.


As the following days will be hard enough it’s actually not a bad idea to start slowly. F.e. with the tender magic folk pop from German/Korean singer JOSIN at the Prinzenbar. You can catch one of her intimate performances on two occasions (the other being on Thursday at the Imperial Theatre). So maybe you wanna make sure to be at the legendary Molotow in time, in order to actually make it in (a reoccurring issue at the REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL). In there you’ll be able to witness MENACE BEACH and get beamed back into the 90s as if PAVEMENT were to be the next big thing. There’s probably no better way to get in the mood for Hamburg as with their sweet retro indie.

Next up: HÆLOS at Moondoo. We just got into to the London based trio’s sound and expect a little more distinguished set with soothing trip hop elements. Similar and just as exciting: the up and coming BUNNY SUIT from Berlin who’ll hopefully be able to transfer the emotional force of their progressive pop tunes onto the Sommersalon stage. If they do it’ll be a captivating performance. After all that thoughtful exercise it’s probably a good idea to call it a day; but not without one last ‘Mexikaner’ at the Molotow along to the wonderful GIRLPOOL.


Second day, hard day. You could either start it by stepping by at the famous Flatstock Europe Poster Convention on Spielbudenplatz. Or you just get to know the city of Hamburg a bit better. Or you stop wasting your time (just kidding, beautiful Hamburg) and join the excellent Dutch dreampop act PAUW at the Molotow. Enjoy the fact that you don’t have to make hard decisions at this point yet.

Because afterwards it’s best to not care too much about schedules, just let yourself get carried away once again. Join the GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS, the wonderful SOLÉY or the up and coming L’AUPAIRE. See where the good people of TALL SHIPS have landed with their catchy Math Rock now, or take the chance to experience one of Germany’s underground songwriting legends: TOM LIWA and his FLOWERPORNOES. And if you can arrange it, trust us it’ll be worth it, witness the female TOWNES VAN ZANDT, MIREL WAGNER at Mojo Club. Apart from that, it’s yours to choose.


The German music scene is naturally a big part of REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL‘s showcases. Therefore and in the spirit of our regularly hyped German singing bands you need to know about you might want to check out KARIES first, playing their nerve twisting post punk/noise rock in the Rock Café St. Pauli, the famous club café of the football club. Next up could be CUB & WOLF at Hasenschaukel – the Swedish folk rock duo probably will put up a show both melancholic and funny, full of bittersweet songs.

Take an advice at this point: It’s best to take a close look at the program, maybe even look twice so that you’re really heading out for the right band. It’d be awful to miss out on HALF MOON RUN because you mixed them up with HALF WAY STATION. Both definitely worth a visit. From here on it’s impossible to decide once again: Icelandic prog-rock with AGENT FRESCO, PALMA VIOLETS, all hyped MAC DE MARCO or German singer/songwriter Tobias Siebert aka AND THE GOLDEN CHOIR? If you take the latter you get the chance to see one of the nominated acts for the VIA-Awards – that’s all we’d like to say here.


It’s okay to be wasted on Saturday. So maybe you want to rest a little longer and start performances with the exciting RAG’N’BONE MAN at Mojo Club – the living and late proof that EVERLAST actually has been quite a genius. The rest is full of difficult decisions (see the pattern here?): DU BLONDE at Knust vs. CORRINA REPP at Hasenschaukel. METZ vs. LYDMOR & BON HOMME, ISOLATION BERLIN vs. TRÜMMER, ANDREYA – ‘the new ADELE’ – TRIANA or YUKON BLONDE – choose wisely! No, wait. Just choose and you’ll leave the REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL 2015 with a smile anyway. We’re pretty sure that this program might result in a very nice 10th birthday party.

Check out the full line-up, further information and schedules for the festival and conference here.