Rosa Anschütz - 2016

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s ‘What’s Your Sound?’ gives young and unsigned artists to present their sound and artistic vision to a bigger audience in order to gain them more attention. Berlin-based songwriter Rosa Anschütz is the first one to participate in this new category.

Hello guys, my name is Rosa , I’m nineteen years old and a musician from Berlin. Since I was little I am singing, very spontaneous sometimes with no big sense. This singing developted to be a passion and started becoming more real with uploading first tracks at good old Myspace and later Soundcloud. From the firt feeling, like peeing in my pants because of excitement, I’ve learned to take a lot of selfconfidence from showing up to others and open myself with the music. Actually every song is exposing my feelings, my experiences or lovelife, statements.

Watch me dissapear is claiming my struggle to feel somewhere at home, since I moved out from with parents place 2015 I’ve tryed to bound with every room in the 4 livingcommunities I’ve lived so far. And learned that it’s really difficult to find a place that gives you comfort and warmth. It is more the question if you feel at home with you as a person and the interaction with room you’re living in aswell. It is also the first track that has more strength, because of using beats I produced on Ableton.

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Please read and accept the following rules before taking part in this

  • Please make this about one relatively new song/ video that represents you best and fits to the style NBHAP
  • Don’t copy and paste an uninspired press text; instead please tell us a bit about yourself and your passion
  • Don’t write a novel, 200 words should be enough
  • Please use Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube or Bandcamp to submit your music
  • Use a valid mail address under which we can contact you in case you need support.