Scarlet-Chives-GuestmixFor those who are still looking for an interesting an exciting destination for your next vacation we have something for you. Or better said, not us but Danish shoegaze band SCARLET CHIVES has a suggestion for you. For their very own NBHAP Guestmix the band created a musical ode to the beautiful country of Norway and it’s unique landscape. It’s their very own “Norwegian Roads And Mountains” Mixtape and it’s full of interesting tunes that perfectly match to the described landscape.

The band on the selection: This mixtape is a dedication to the wonderful Norway and its mind-blowing and mesmerizing nature. This tape was made while driving through and flying above the Norwegian landscapes. Touring Norway is indeed something special and something we all appreciate a lot. Maybe one of the most beautiful countries with one of the most generous and kind people.”

So, if you’re from Norway consider yourself loved by SCARLET CHIVES. But this is also solid mixtape material for everyone else on a cold autumn day. Furthermore NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION suggests you to discover the ambitious music of this band if you’re not familiar with them yet. This Is Protection is the name of their solid sophomore album and it’s clearly one to discover – maybe in the way like a musical landscape. But now, wherever you are, enjoy this lovely selection right here.

01. BROADCAST – I Found The F
02. FUCK BUTTONS – The Red wing
03. PORTISHEAD – Chase The Tear
04. CLARK – Com Touch
05. WHITE NOISE – Love Without Sound
06. ZAMMUTO – Idiom Wind
07. DAUGHTER – Smother
08. VINYL WILLIAMS – Higher Worlds
09. FLAAMINGOS – Walk A Wire
10. BRIAN ENO – Emerald And Stone