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Breakage - Artwork


[one_half last=”yes”]SEA CHANGE

Release-Date: 23.02.2015
Label: self-released

01. Wooden House
02. Squares
03. Let’s Dance
05. Fearless
06. Stairs
07. Knives
08. We Run
09. Raan


NBHAP Rating: 3,7/5

Natural environment and mystic silence

There is no doubt your surrounding has an impact on your art. When you are born in the south of Norway, beautiful landscapes and silence become mundane. You can hear it during the whole album. The singer creates a chilling, mysterious sphere around her music, without being too silent.

Modern nature, noises, voices

Breakage is more like laying in a wide, unknown lake, looking at the sky, than running through a forest. Calm synths, drums, delays and minimalistic elements in the back of SEA CHANGE‘s songs take listeners into this other dimension of lo-fi sounds. A light trance, this is what dreamy pop is about.

Electronic-fairy’s little world

All of the nine tracks build together a journey for senses. Never too loud, always on the ground. This might split the audience after hearing Breakage a second or third time. It offers enough material for an interesting light-show on stage, but a striking musical highlight could be missing.

SEA CHANGE’s down-to-earth voice fits perfectly to her mysterious music and ‘Breakage’ will definitely satisfy fans of atmospheric tunes. Still, a small breakout in sound would have been interesting.