Asbjorn - Seven Songs - Pete Lamberto

Photo by Pete Lamberto

If you are a regular reader of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION you might already know that we really have a certain crush on Aarhus-based pop-singer ASBJØRN. And seriously – why shouldn’t we? Not only is he a quite lovely lad, he’s also responsible for some really wonderful songs in the form of last year’s record Sunken Ships. And while he’s currently quite busy bringing these stunning sounds to the world we’re very happy that the man himself found time to play the ‘Seven Songs’-game with us. Read ASBJØRN‘s thoughts on some of his all-time and current favourites right here and get ready to be soaked into the world of this young gentleman.


1. SIGUR RÓS – “Untitled #1”

My most recent and completely overwhelming music-experience. SIGUR RÓS has always been around in my consiousness somehow, but never as dominating as now. They played at this year’s Roskilde Festival and after being in that intense lifestyle for a week all of my guards were down. I went to the concerts with my friends and we all had rivers down our cheeks the entire concert through. I’ll remember that ‘till I go senile.


2. BEYONCÉ – “Crazy In Love”

I remember buying this record a hot summer day after watching Crazy In Love on a Danish TV-show. Ever since then I’ve been practicing my bootyshake, the bitchy walk and generally just everything that could draw any kind of comparison to this lady. She’s a fucking legend.


3. ANE BRUN – “The Puzzle”

After my most careless bootyshaking years I was unfortunately hit by puberty and I needed a more melancholic soundtrack for that. Something about the Nordic songwriting tradition made a meaningful contrast to my American pop-infatuation. ANE BRUN is by far my favorite Scandinavian songwriter, always capturing a special intimacy in her voice, arrangements and haunting lyrics. Also it seems like she just keeps getting better and better. I love following that process.


4. ROBYN – “Be Mine!”

I heard this song when it came out in 2005 and liked it, but it took me a couple of years to really realize the beauty. It manages to wrap a very universal sorrow into an up-beat melancholia that gives the entire situation a compromiseless energy and a glimpse of hope. That balance is pretty essential in my own music.


5. EMILIE NICOLAS – “Pstereo”

Norwegian girl with jazz-background co-produced by Hanne Hukkelberg. I’ve been biking around all summer to this effective popsong that gives me goose bumps every time. Somehow very commercial but still has a lot of heart. Beautifully mixed and mastered.


6. MADONNA – “Open Your Heart”

Oldie but goodie. Style icon. Important role model of her time. She should stop now though – MADONNA used to be one step ahead of everybody and I find it incredibly sad that she’s now chasing trends, desperately trying to capture the young, instead of being loyal to her audience throughout her entire career. She can be proud of what she’s done for popmusic and culture and let the next generation take over.


7. FRANZ SCHUBERT – “Impromptus D.899”

Ever since I was a kid my parents put on classical music in the morning, but I started appreciating it independently from my parents when I moved by myself; it was like having a piece of that family breakfast with me and something about Schubert’s harmonics really sooths my soul.