Summer Camp - Seven Songs NBHAP

Photo by Eleanor McDowall

Musical influences can be quite surprising and shocking at the same time. But also quite entertaining. Seriously, did you think about yours? We at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION are constantly surprised by whatever influenced us. And we’re always interested what helped shaping certain artists in their musical life. So, instead of asking quite a lot questions about heroes and role models in form of an ordinary interview we thought “Hey, why not letting them speak directly to you?” And that’s exactly what our new series “Seven Songs with…” is about. Artists put together a selection of their favorite songs.

The first group who does so is the British indie-pop duo SUMMER CAMP. Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley are about to release their self-titled second album in early September and already released their first single Fresh. But what influences

SUMMER CAMP? Surprisingly it’s not just fancy retro pop. SUMMER CAMP, you have the word!


BIZ MARKIE – “Just A Friend”

This is not only a great song, it’s also a great story.  We love it when he says, “don’t give me that DON’T EVEN GIVE ME THAT”.



James Murphy is our hero.  We were listening to LCD a lot when we were writing the second album. This song is heartbreaking yet also comforting for anyone, but it rings true especially clearly if you’re in a band.  You always feel like there are kids coming up from behind.


HAPPY MONDAYS – “Hallelujah (Club Mix)”

We are always trying to put more house piano in our songs.  Who isn’t?!


CAN – “I Want More

Can are one of our favorite bands. Everytime we listen it’s just pure joy.


TELEMAN – “Christina”

We think this is one of the best pop songs of the year.  It’s one of those where you hear it once, then the second time you find yourself singing along.  It gets under your skin.


EMPEROR YES – “Cosmos”

Great new band, great INSANE video.


SPENCER DAVIS GROUP – “Every Little Bit Hurts”

This is an incredibly beautiful song that means a lot to us, our friends, and families.  Steve Winwood is an absolute bloody genius.