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My Dreams Dictate My Reality

Release-Date: 02.03.2015
Label: Because / Warner / Babycat Records

01. I Come In Peace
02. Ocean of Tears
03. Who Wears The Pants
04. My Precious
05. Bad Poetry
06. Temporary Mood Swings
07. My Dreams Dictate My Reality
08. Monster Love (ft. Ariel Pink)
09. Peter Pan Syndrome
10. Lovetrap (ft. Ariel Pink)
11. Visions
12. Keaton’s Song

NBHAP Rating: 3,9/5


It’s no secret that Stéphanie Sokolinski had to face the tough side of life very early, loosing her father and other family members and leaving home at the age of 16. Now the 29-year-old demands her childhood back, if it’s with anxious defiance against growing old and being serious (Peter Pan Syndrome) or with a carefree excuse for her Temporary Mood Swings. And since every child needs an idol, SOKO drew inspiration from her favourite band THE CURE: Wave-inspired 80s synth-pop, melodic guitars, heavy bass and reverb.

While her last album revealed her vulnerability and introversion, SOKO now shows us her rebellious side. SOKO‘s new punk attitude, including peroxide blonde goth chic and vocal presence, reminds of icons of female self-confidence, like PATTI SMITH, SIOUXSIE SIOUX or the girls of HOLE. It’s not as touching as her first record but energetic and strong, for instance when she pleads for getting rid of antiquated role models in Who Wears The Pants.

Despite everything SOKO doesn’t try to hide her fears and her inner chaos. Honestly she comes to terms with her past, without being afraid of crossing lines of privacy and shame. Thus she forces us to to tackle our own demons. The sad track Keaton’s Song proves that her self-destructive search for security and reliable love goes on: ‘You wonder why I hate myself / I’m trying to kill the worst of me / To be the best for you’. If your dreams dictate your reality, instead of just reflecting it, you should better keep on the right side of them. So it’s no wonder that SOKO often returns to her dream world and creates, with the help of lo-fi artist ARIEL PINK, spaces for Monster Love and strange love confessions (Lovetrap).

‘My Dreams Dictate My Reality’ reflects an astonishing and positive development of SOKO’s sound and personality. We are eager to see what comes next.