The Boxer Rebellion - Photo by Jeff Bourdeau

Photo by Jeff Bourdeau

The last months have been quite a rollercoaster ride for beloved British indie rock band THE BOXER REBELLION. While last year’s acclaimed forth studio album Promises helped to increase the popularity of the four-piece guitarist and founding member Todd Howe left the band earlier this year. Although this happened on a mutual basis and with no hard feelings it forced the remaining three members to re-think their own concept. And since splitting-up never really was an option, longtime friend Andrew Smith was quite quickly hired as a replacement and is currently helping to shape the sound of the group’s fifth album which is expected to be released in 2015.

In order to escape cold autumn days in the studio THE BOXER REBELLION are currently once again on tour, celebrating the forthcoming start into a new band chapter with their fans and Mr. Smith on the guitar as well. Once again, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION presents the upcoming German dates of the tour for which we also give away tickets at the bottom of this page. And to get us even more excited we knocked on the tour van of the four Englishmen and asked them to tell us a bit about the songs that recently dominated their private playlists and might also help to shape the sound of the new album. Well, at least in a subconscious way.

James Vincent McMorrow – ‘Cavalier’

This is so minimal and evocative, and has a beauty that is very hard to pull off. One of my favourite tracks of the year for sure.

The War On Drugs – ‘Under The Pressure’

Ask any band to try and play around two chords for this long and make it sound anything like as good as this. Phenomenal album too. The best of 2014 really.

Yo La Tengo – ‘Last days Of Disco’

There is such a lot going on for such a sad song but somehow it works. Best not to listen to if you need cheering up, but still, excellent.

Jesca Hoop – ‘Murdering Birds’ (feat. Guy Garvey)

Normally when I see a track ‘featuring’ anyone, I am not a fan, but this combines 2 of my favourite voices. Taken from an album a few years ago, but still as good as when I first heard it.

Jungle – ‘Busy Earnin”

I have loved this song all summer this year. Again, really simple, and makes me want to dance. Not too much, but a bit, which is a big deal, trust me.

Black Rivers – ‘Voyager 1’

This is a new project by 2 members of DOVES, a band that we have all been a fan of for as long as we have been together. This track has some elements of them, whilst being different. Everything you can ask for from a side project of one of your favourite bands.

Hozier – ‘Tame Me To Church’

Checked him out at a festival this year and was hooked by his voice straight away. A great song with very thoughtful lyrics.

And right at the end NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to give you the chance to attend the forthcoming German dates of the four gentlemen. We’re giving away 2×2 tickets for the following dates. All you need to do is write us a mail to with the subject ‘The Boxer Rebellion’, your full name and the city of your choice. Good luck, everybody.

10.11.2014 – DE – Munich – Atomic Cafe
11.11.2014 – DE – Stuttgart – Club Cann
12.11.2014 – DE – Berlin – SO36
14.11.2014 – DE – Hamburg – Mojo Club
16.11.2014 – DE – Cologne – Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld