Over the past 15 years British indie-rock four-piece The Boxer Rebellion has become a steady force when it comes to haunting high quality songs that are both sensitive and soulful. They’ve given us wonderful tunes, powerful anthems and a highly enjoyable live experience but as you know, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION has been telling you that for a few years now, right?

The band is currently preparing the release of their already sixth studio album called Ghost Alive. Previously released singles like What The Fuck and Goodnight already hint on a more introspective and tender side of their sound. Ghost Alive which arrives on March 23 can be seen as a cathartic space for the band which had to fight a few personal demons on the way towards the album. And it’s absolutely okay and necessary to address these issues which also results in the band’s recent support of CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably) in form of the wonderful single Love Yourself.

A certain embracement of the melancholic side of life is helpful and since The Boxer Rebellion already gave us such wonderful introspective songs like World Without End or No Harm in the past it felt kind of logic to ask them for a temporary guest curation of the Melancholic Playlist over at our Spotify. Bassist Adam Harrison picked the tunes and describes his relationship with melancholia in the following words:

‘Melancholy can be cathartic, and we take as much pleasure in listening to music that inspires empathy as we do writing it. For some people and some moods, the temptation is to escape. For others it is far better to relate.’

Adam’s picks include The National, Conor Oberst, St. Vincent and a few other favourites. The melancholic playlist by The Boxer Rebellion will be featured right here for a limited time before we’re bringing NBHAP’s original one back, including selected new tunes. So, don’t skip this tender selection and of course, don’t miss the band on their upcoming tour dates. We’re pretty sure it’s going to be a wonderful evening, no matter which show you’re about to attend. The dates are waiting for you below the playlist.