Photo by Erik Freding

Photo by Erik Freding

Norway’s THE LOW FREQUENCY IN STEREO is definitely one of these bands that doesn’t feel comfortable in just one simple genre. They’ve tried out various musical forms in the past years and their new album Pop Obskura might be the final point of that. The band found its own niche which can be indeed best described at some sort of obscure pop play form. Probably just one reason why it might not surprise that THE LOW FREQUENCY IN STEREO share a broad range of musical influences. For NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION bassist Per Steinar Lie took the time to share his thoughts on seven musical inspirations during the making of the new longplayer.


01. PINK FLOYD – “Set the Controls of the Heart of the Sun”

We dig this period of PINK FLOYD. Mysterious and rough. One of our common musical interests. Combined with YO LA TENGO this is maybe our biggest influence.


2. AMON DÜÜL II – “Eye Shaking King”

The band which made us interested in working with SPV and Long Branch Records. We are big fans of early 70`s German progressive rock!

3. BROADCAST – “Come on let’s Go”

Nothing more to say. We love the band! How they create pop music through beautiful sounds.


4. DAVE PIKE SET – “Slum on Wheels” (w. Ingfried Hoffman)

Another old gem. Some of us are big fans of THE DAVE PIKE SET and into that kind of Jazz. We stumbled over this video and are now certainly keen on checking out more on Infried Hoffman. Groovy and playful and Spot On!

5. DEUS – “Theme from Turnpike”

The best music video during the first three and a half minutes.. It goes maybe a bit over the top after that. But a big inspiration for us during the album making.

6. YO LA TENGO – “Big Day Coming”

A classic by the band which is almost just grooving on two notes the whole song. Great song. We could have chosen a lot of different songs from this beautiful band.


7. WUNDERKAMMER – “Tres Cojones”

Our friend Pål Jackman performs with Norways most famous actor Bjørn Sundquist with his band WUNDERKAMMER live on Norwegian TV. Wild men! His band Wunderkammer releases their new album early next year.