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36 years now and close to Christmas, music lovers meet up in Rennes for ‘The Trans’- ‘Rencontres Trans Musicales de Rennes’. From a festival that hosts artists right before their massive success (among others LENNY KRAVITZ in 1989, NIRVANA in 1991, BJÖRK in 1993 and LCD SOUNDSYSTEM in 2002), our expectations were high.

Unlike other festivals, at ‘Rencontres Trans Musicales de Rennes’ you ain’t gonna see megastars perform. It is all about discovering. The man behind the genius line up, Jean-Louis Brossard, would never disappoint the thirsty crowd; contrariwise, what he is more likely to do is to open our eyes and ears and give us the chance to catch new artists who are about to take off. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION was there for the three of the five days of the festival. Here’s what impressed us.

KATE TEMPEST - Trans Musicales 2014 - Photo by Nicolas Joubard

KATE TEMPEST – Trans Musicales 2014 – Photo by Nicolas Joubard

Thursday, 4th of December 2014

We simply got blown away by fierce lady KATE TEMPEST. What a woman! Smart rhymes, dynamic presence, she comes and goes like a breeze. Along with a great band that enjoys being on stage, Kate takes on and you can only but stare, with jaws dropped on the floor. The most special thing about her and her show is that she makes you think. She gets your thoughts machine spinning.Once you see it, you’ll believe and that is why we highly recommend that you catch her next show. In KATE TEMPEST we trust!

It would be unfair not to mention:

CURTIS HARDING, who goes on stage with an amazing live band that is full of personas. Amazing voice, nice songs and very well delivered show.

RAURY, the typhoon. At his 17 years, he proves that he is made for the stage. In our honest opinion, what he needs is to find his very own, unique, ‘the Raury’ style and then we talk about the next biggest pop star.

SEKOUIA. We are fans, why to hide it. At their biggest show ever, at their strongest show ever, this band is here to stay.

DAD ROCKS! - Trans Musicales 2014

DAD ROCKS! – Trans Musicales 2014

Friday, 5th of December 2014

How rare is it to watch a band and feel happy that they are happy to play that show? How rare is it that you feel kinda “buddies” with the band, in an all-cozy atmosphere? How rare is it that all above happen at a large festival stage, with crazy lights show and when the band is consisted by 8 people? DAD ROCKS! DAD ROCKS!
Snævar Njáll Albertsson who, according to his words, two days ago-and along with his fellow musicians, had played a show in Cologne for nine people, delivered an impressive show. Quite far from a typical band, this is such a heart-warming show to watch! Each member plays with their soul, bringing summer in the winter, making the crowd feel that they are part of a big feast!
A small note to bands all over: please, take lessons from DAD ROCKS! and his company of how you should be on stage. So humble and grateful they were that it was utterly moving! We shared special moments with them and we will never forget this show.

It would be unfair not to mention:

LA FINE ÉQUIPE, who warmed up the stage for the artists. Amazing sets, all people were so happy and this is definitely something that matters!

RONE. Good Lord, so many people were running to catch his show. For minutes we thought that we were had a post-apocalyptic experience. RONE drove people crazy. And the festival stuff, who had to take care that nothing loses track. Fun times!

TEN WALLS, who were also responsible for the music of the official trailer of the festival. What a hit.

TOO MANY ZOOZ - Trans Musicales 2014

TOO MANY ZOOZ – Trans Musicales 2014

Saturday, 6th of December 2014

TOO MANY ZOOZ. You might have heard of the band that went viral on youtube with their crazy performances at the NYC’s underground. Let’s call it like that, TOO MANY ZOOZ came to France to stick in our heads and minds. On Saturday they rocked the biggest hall of the festival. But to be honest, that is the band that we became experts the most. The thing is that they took on every single moment. From the moment we arrived we got the chance to catch a pop up show at the train station. Then for two days in a row at the press lounge. This band is passionate, they offer an amazing show and they know exactly what they are doing. Very very well done! Put them wherever and they will manage to turn the hall into a massive party session! There is no chance that you hear them and you do not get closer to see. It is a matter of seconds that you start boogying. Beware!

It would be unfair not to mention the bands that we caught at Bars En Trans Festival- the daughter of the main Festival that takes place in the city, at several different venues:
ANIMALI, that replaced CAMP CLAUDE. But does it matter? Great band, from Lyon. Look it up.

LEAF HOUSE, a melodic experimental band from Belgium that creates great atmospheres and brings you to their cinematic world. Captivating.

That was it and it was so good that left a happy smile on our faces. Rendez-vous next year! Till then, we have nice music in our ears!

Note: During tough periods, when money is not abundant and going to festivals is an investment/luxury for many people, this festival keeps the ticket prices low. And that doesn’t mean that it is poor, as the whole team behind it gives the opportunity to smaller acts to shine on big stages with proper light show and visuals that they have probably seen only in their dreams. Hats off to all the people behind the organization who make things happen and people happy.

‘Rencontres Trans Musicales de Rennes’