UMA - Guestmix - Magdalena Bichler

Photo by Magdalena Bichler

In the hectic daily races of a big urban environment you tend to get lost from time to time. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION can tell you this from experience. But sometimes, besides all the noise of the traffic and the millions of people you just need some space. UMA agree on this. For those who are not familiar with these gentle two people. UMA is German-Austrian married couple Ella and Florian. After already releasing a couple of promising tracks and EPs their self-titled debut will finally be out on June the 6th.

UMA tend to create a brave mixture of gloomy electronic darkness, with trip-hop elements and an undeniable but reluctant groove. Perfect music for the night, no matter if it’s the big city or a dark forest. For their very own NBHAP Guestmix the duo goes a different direction and presents ‘A Matter Of Bliss’ instead. This is what they have to say about the mix.

‘We came to realise, that despite the fact we definitely do enjoy little bits and pieces of Berlin nightlife, there is a lack of space in our life to just listen to music, music that might even be relaxing and give you some space to don’t do anything else but listen. Maybe you could even lean back and close your eyes while listening to this mix. Or eat some ice-cream. If you got a pool, floating in it would work as well. We hope you enjoy our little mix and do like the songs/artists in it just as much as we do like them!’

Without further ado – get ready to catch some air with this chilled out selection right here.

01. WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS Sings (with Kurt Cobain, R.E.M., Laurie Anderson & more) – It’s an Experiment
02. DARKSTAR – Timeaway
03. KELELA – A Lie (Prod. Bok Bok)
04. PALMISTRY – Lil Gem
05. BEN FROST – Stocks and Stones
06. BYTONE – Neuschnee
07. PANDA BEAR – Last Night at the Jetty
09. TOKYO HANDS – Unknown
10. PATTY GRIFFIN – Death´s Got a Warrant (feat. Regina McCrary & Ann McCrary)
11. STEREOLAB & NURSE WITH WOUNDS – Simple Headphone Mind
12. SWANS – Song for a Warrior