From top left to down right: Adiam, Drangsal, Kanorth Kill J

From top left to down right: Adiam, Drangsal, Kapnorth Kill J

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s weekly round-up of new songs, musical discoveries and lovely little gems that definitely didn’t deserve to slip under your radar. This is what last week sounded like.

Adiam – ‘Runaway’

Following the traditional ‘music video’ and the more and more prominent ‘lyric video’ Swedish singer ADIAM now seems focussed to establish the ‘mood video’ as she officially titles the clip for her latest single Runaway. Well, shouldn’t every music video support the mood of a song anyway? No matter how you call it but Runaway is an impressive audiovisual piece of sinister pop with a lovely R&B undertone. In the end, almighy Dave Sitek produced it so we’re not surprised about the level of quality ADIAM delivers right here.

Drangsal – ‘Love Me Or Leave Me Alone’

German new wave romantic Max Gruber and his alter ego DRANGSAL strike again with a second teaser off the anticipated debut LP Harieschaim, out on April 22. Love Me Or Leave Me Along follows the previously released Allan Align and heads straight back to the high times of Mid 80s synthpop. DEPECHE MODE fans will love the new piece and probably also the rest of the record. Check our Introducing special as well to get to know the young man a bit better.

Yak – ‘Harbour The Feeling’

We already told you about British newcomers YAK before as we think they could finally save the indie rock scene of their home country. Now, they tease their upcoming debut Alas Salavation (out on May 13) with another new song called Harbour The Feeling. If you need more arguments please find them below via the following piece of music.

Kapnorth – ‘A Helping Friend’

It’s been a while since we heard new music from Swiss art pop band KAPNORTH, right? On May 1 the band will release Dematerealize!, the follow-up to 2013’s debut LP Thunder Lightning Storm and we can already enjoy a first song called A Helping Hand. Fans of spherical indie rock in finest ARCADE FIRE tradition should risk a click on the following music video.

School Of Seven Bells – ‘On My Heart’

As you might have noticed we really enjoyed the final SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS record as a strong farewell statement and haunting tribute to the late Benjamin Curtis. Now, his partner Alejandra Deheza has released a new video for the album’s On My Heart and as you can assume this one is packed with plenty of emotions.

Beyond The Wizards Sleeve – ‘Diagram Girl’

Acclaimed producers Erol Alkan and Richard Norris have been running their project BEYOND THE WIZARDS SLEEVE for a few years now, resulting in plenty of great and psychedelic remixes for artists like NOEL GALLAGHER, INTERPOL and FRANZ FERDINAND. Now, they are ready to unleash a full album called Diagram Girl in the course of 2014. The title-track already delivers sweetest electropop with a delicate groove. Witness it right here.

Lyves – ‘Darkest Hour’

We featured mysterious British act LYVES a few times in the past year and really enjoyed songs like Shelter and Body Close. Now, we’re not that much wiser regarding the persona behind the alter ego which is singer Francesca Bergami but as long as she keeps on delivering suhc wonderful trippy pieces of sinister wave pop we actually don’t mind. Enjoy ther latest release, Darkest Hour, right here.

Eagulls – ‘Skipping’

The Leeds-based lads of EAGULLS have been mentioned on here before but somehow we missed out on the announcement of their new album Ullages. That new longplayer will be released via Partisan Records on May 13th and two new songs have been shared already. One of them, Skipping, is up for your listening pleasure right here and its got all the fine blends of lo-fi indie rock, noise and punk that we love EAGULLS for.

Kill J – ‘Quasi’ EP

KILL J is the sound of 21st century omnivore pop. The Danish musician showcases her ability to play with and swipe elements and sounds from different genres to build something that new. She crafts songs from brutal electronic production, sweet R’n’B vocals melodies and uncompromising, punch-to-the-gut lyrics (‘do i have to slit my fucking wrist to get an answer out of you?’ from You’re Good But I’m Better). Her debut EP Quasi is out now.

Silent Wave – ‘Dancing Away’

Gothenburg’s SILENT WAVE have a membership that’s slightly out of the ordinary. Instead of a conventional band line-up, the project is a collaboration between producer Hans Olson Brookes, visual artist and musician Tildeh Hjelm and jazz drummer Martin Öhman. Their new single, ‘Dancing Away’, is a slice of pulsing nighttime disco, and comes with a suitably shadowy video.

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