Valentina Mér – ‘Paperheart’

The fact that those lyric videos got quite popular in the last years resulted in many creative way of producing them, lifting them up to become a specific art form on their own. VALENTINA MÉR‘s Paperheart is another wonderful example on how you can tell a story with this video form and aside from that the song itself is a lovely little melancholic songwriter pop gem. More from Mrs. MÉR will arrive in 2017 when she’ll release her debut album You in March via Warner Music.

Lapcat – ‘Chicago’

According to the press release LAPCAT combine Swiss cool with American fun and by listening to their latest single Chicago you might actually get an idea on where that idea comes from. Singer Cate Coslor spreads sensual lo-fi vibes over the majestic electronic landscape. They just released their third full-length She’s Bad via Mouthwatering Records so if you like more of what you are about to experience below you know where to look.

Femme En Fourrure – ‘Creepers’

FEMME EN FOURRURE are Helsinki duo Sandra Tervonen and Juuso Malin, and they made some of the more forward-thinking electronic music around. Their latest single, Creepers, takes its stylistic cues from PC Music’s digital hyperpop, combing glossy synths, a sea of vocal effects and razor-sharp melodies to create a syrupy, fluid pop song. Its video shares the song’s neon urbanism aesthetics, tracking a duo as they explore the city. Creepers is out now on FEF Corp.

Tripnaha – ‘Water’

TRIPHANA are Gothenburg’s Elin Johansson and Fredrik Jakobsen, and they put out their first release, Immune, earlier in 2016. Now they’re back with a follow-up, Water. It’s a piece of dark, ominous electronica, a murky electronic soundscape paired with Johansson’s high, fragile vocal. It also has a suitably atmospheric video, and you can check it out below.

I Wish I Was A Fish – ‘Run’

First of it: great project name Swedish songwriter Frida Teresia Svensso has picked for herself. The sound of Run by I WISH I AS A FISH sounds indeed as joyful and vital as a fish in the water. The track itself is a powerful anthem to stick with your guts. The artist exlains: ‘This song is about punching a guitar in someones stomach if you need to run, it’s self defense.’ The self-titled debut EP by I WISH I AS A FISH arrives this Friday, December 2.

Holy Now – ‘Wishlist’

Wishlist by Gothenburg-based indie-pop band HOLY NOW is the sort of sunny little gem that puts a smile on your faces within an instant. At least that’s the effect it had on us. Kind of hard to believe that these guys aren’t based in California. Their new EP Please Call Me Back is set for a 2017 release via Lazy Octopus Records.

Julian Stetter – ‘Emily’

You might not be familiar with the name JULIAN STETTER yet but you should know his main band VIMES. Especially due to the lovely guestmix they produced for NBHAP earlier this year. Now, Mr. STETTER is preparing his first solo release, an EP called Insides out on January 27 via PNN Records. The first teaser, Emily, is a lush piece of spaced-out electronica. Please don’t call it chillwave but have a really nice time enjoying it right here.

LAIRE – ‘Final Coming’

Little is known about up-and-coming electronic producer LAIRE at this point. The 18-year-old from Germany’s secret cultural capital Cologne has been in the game for just over a year, but his well-groomed, defined and sonically dense work has already acquired a sizable following on Soundcloud and music blogs. There’s not much that connects his atmospheric, trap-influenced tracks to the productions of fellow electronic producers COMA, VIMES, or ROOSEVELT – he eyes the recent developments abroad and digests them into highly texturised compositions. “Final Coming”, his recent release, takes cues from FLUME’s more progressive work, collecting massive synthesizer leads, bouncing vocal scraps and other sounds and dropping them into a foggy pool of reverberation. LAIRE is set to release an EP and more singles in 2017.

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