Worth Listening Playlist - June 2014

Mid June. Midsommar. Now the days get shorter again. To celebrate the middle of the year NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION and gigmit sat together and created a new playlist full of music you should listen to. As always the ‘Worth Listening Playlist’ features music from various genres and fields.

As April’s and May’s playlist, also this month’s Worth Listening features from all over the world and from pretty much all genres. Rock, pop, indie, electronica, folk or even hip hop: find it all in the playlist below. Including great tracks by SINAH, CATHEDRALS, DELHIA DE FRANCE, KERRETTA, LOWLY, GABRIEL ANANDA, and many more.

Worth Listening | June 2014

01. SINAHI Had The Need To
02. CATHEDRALSWant My Love
03. DELHIA DE FRANCEShare A Breath
04. ASTRID NORTHThursday
05. MAASAIForgive Me
06. SLEEP THIEVES You Want The Night
07. KID ASTRAYTaking You With Me
08. ANA MESH BAGHANNYانا مش بغني
09. KERRETTAThe Guardsmen
10. AZEKELNew Romance
11. GABRIEL ANANDA – Hey Blop (Till Krüger’s Apnoia Mix)
12. PIPES AND PINTSCriticized
13. SIINAIVasikka
14. LOWLYDaydreamers
15. OSLO KILL CITYComing To Terms
16. *U*N*SDozer/Gefallen
17. OLE HAUKWhat do we need
18. TEXAS LOCAL NEWSTime and Reason
20. SICKLESSHorus Snippet
21. LIQUIT WALKERHassmodus
22. HALF OF MECornelia

Enjoy the Worth Listening Playlist, share it with your friends and spread the word about good music.