yast - yast - album cover


01. YAST
02. Rock ‘N’ Roll Dreams
03. Stupid
04. Robin
05. Believes
06. Heart Of Steel
07. I Wanna Be Young
08. Always On My Mind
09. Strangelife
10. Sick
11. The Person I Once Was
12. Joy

If you want a little sugar to mellow out the heavy rock and roll, it’s definitely well worth giving Swedish sweet rockers-(or Lo-fi romantics) – YAST a moment of your time….

In 2007, they started out as a three piece act from Sandviken. To get their creative juices going, Carl Jensen, Tobias Widman and Marcus Norberg moved to lush environs of Malmo the following year and gained two more members in the process – Markus Johansson and Niklas Wennerstrand from the post-rock act ARIEL.

Now a five-piece band, YAST is on the verge of unleashing their self-titled debut album, due on the 26 April (released by Double Sun/Adrian Recordings). The 12-track album features last year’s Stupid, Believes and their newest single, I Wanna Be Young, which is due for release on 12 March.

Their very distinctive trademarks are, no doubt, the dreamy and melodic guitars coupled with the high but ultra light vocals. These two combinations have a strong presence in the singles, Wanna be Young and Strangelife. Let me give you an idea or the feel of the tracks: imagine that you are chilling out on the beach on a glorious sunny day. If you do get the chance to listen to the tracks, here’s some valuable advice: I Wanna be Young and Strangelife are best appreciated with no interruptions -so switch off the phone!

The album also possess a slightly racier and perhaps more playful tracks, like Stupid and Believes – but somehow the Lo-fi connoisseurs manage to put a stamp on the old trademark of the melodic guitars and therefore these two tracks can be easily compared to the great indie rock acts like THE SMITHS or even THE CURE back in the eighties.

All in all, the entire album is very soothing on the ears and as the sunny days are fast approaching, it’s definitely worth adding the album to the collection.