Don’t deny it: You love to push the responsibilities away, procrastinate your own productivity and let yourself carry away by the hypnotic magic of good music. Well, otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up clicking on an article about a Daydreaming playlist, right? Thank god, as always, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION got you covered with a well-crafted selection of high quality hand-picked music aside from all the algorithm-compiled playlists.

While our recently updated Melancholic Moments selection can be quite a bleak and sad affair from time to time (and yes, we are fully aware of that), the Daydreaming Playlist is a more tender and less dark mixtape. Delivering relaxing sounds from the fields of chillout, dreampop, shoegaze, neo-classic, folk and others it’s the perfect listening material to let your mind wandering around and your thoughts flow.

From the dreamy new indie melodies of Shout Out Louds, Fazerdaze, Will Samson and Tusks to the haunting cinematic approach of Sebastian Reynolds and the almighty Hans Zimmer, from the tender electronic of Christian Löffler and Four Tet to reduced sounds by Westerman and Charlotte Gainsbourg – expect a variety of styles, artists and compositions, all bound together by a universal feeling of relaxation. The world can wait for a bit as we invite you to hit the ‘Play’ and ‘Follow’-Button right here.