Yuck - Glow and Behold  - Cover- 2013

YUCK Glow And Behold

1. Sunrise In Maple Shade
2. Out Of Time
3. Lose My Breath
4. Memorial Fields
5. Middle Sea
6. Rebirth
7. Somewhere
8. Nothing New
9. How Does It Feel
10. Twilight In Maple Shade (Chinese Cymbals)
11. Glow & Behold

YUCK is back.  They’ve survived a modicum of fame and the replacement of one guitarist (read about it in our interview).  A band that is a based in the UK but a mix of nationalities, YUCK is your favorite nineties college radio rock band, in the style of PAVEMENT and DINOSAUR JR.  They’ve just released their second album, titled Glow and Behold (out now on Fat Possum). Featuring songs that go from full shoegaze (Rebirth) to meandering summer rock meditations (Sunrise in the Maple Shade) this album is what depressed people listen to when the sun is shining: you still want to feel wallow and feel sorry for yourself, you loser, but that brilliant blue sky means you have to make some allowance for happiness and rainbows and puppies.

Pull out those old photographs, read those old love letters, and feel Out of Time (“I know that you’re wrong/but I know what you want me to be”). The tambourine gets plenty of love on this album, where fuzzed out and feedback elements capture undefined and not fully formed feeling of being in your early twenties. The single Middle Sea has horns, and a mildly frantic drumbeat with a classic guitar sound that will make you “move away across the ocean.”  Somewhere is a quieter and meditative, while How Does it Feel? is a brilliant post-break-up accusation masquerading as a love song “How does it feel to be loved by someone else?”  The album closes with the longest track, the over six minutes, Glow and Behold, with the vocals triumphantly claiming “I will glow and behold.”  Put this on, revel in your failures, and love the fuzz pedal.