Tirzah’s Devotion has gotten better with every listen in a way that no other album really has for me. I listened to it the day it came out, and haven’t stopped listening for the past 2 years. Usually a few times a week, sometimes more. One of the only artists I could put on at any moment and it will hit. 

It’s such an incredibly detailed album, and each listen I feel like I’ll discover something new about the song, whether it’s a melody I never noticed or a lyric or a sound, there seems to be no end. At first listen I feel like the songs could be deceivingly repetitive or sparse at times, but I think in the end that it is what creates this sort of trance like experience when listening. It only makes me listen to the more nuanced details even closer and that much more rewarding to hear. The songs feels very much like conversations you might have with yourself where you have these ideas spinning around in your head that you kind of keep circling back to as you process a situation or emotion.

Tirzah has such an amazing ability to write a love song with so much realism, coolness and awareness, while still conveying that kind of haze of weird and beautiful confusion you experience when you are in love.

Porches new album Ricky Music and Tirzah’s Devotion are both out now via Domino Recording Company.