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11 Personal Album Tips You Should Buy On Bandcamp Day

The Corona pandemic is a tough time for all of us but for artists and musicians especially. With the concert sector forced to shut down, new sources of income are crucial for them in order to survive. Buying a record can help here, even if it's just a digital purchase, but that's obviously more effective than streaming it on Spotify. Today, on May 1st Bandcamp has decided to waive its cut of sales again, giving all proceeds to the artists. The first time they did that they raised over $4 million so let's do this again. Here, the NBHAP staff presents some of their personal recommendations. Feel kindly invited to give as much as you can.
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12 Great Albums Of 2019 You Might Have Missed

Sometimes great music can slip through your fingers, even through ours. Yes, indeed, over the past twelve months we discovered hidden treasures and overlooked beauties among all those released albums. The staff of NBHAP picked out some of these personal treasures in addition to the official end-of-the-year-lists, including MIYNT, Vivian Girls, The Night Café, Martha, Purple Mountains and more. Discover these gems right here.
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