There are different ways to cope with sadness and loss and while introverted and silent moments aren’t the worst sometimes it’s also not the worst idea to shout it out loud … or in the case of songwriter Alex Lynn to simply sing it out loud. The latest single by her alter ego Alex the Astronaut is a tribute to her late friend Maddie Clarke who passed away way too early. “She was always smiling when I saw her, no one always feels like that but that’s what she showed me,” Alex explains the origings of her track Banksia. She continues: “The song is meant to be turned up and sung as loudly as it can be, even if singing isn’t your strong point.” And although it’s currently a bit hard to imagine live concerts in general we can totally see this one work in the form of a great collective sing along.

In case you were wondering – Banksias are a native Australian flower that lines lots of the suburban streets. And Alex happened to walk down exactly such a street when she found out her friend passed away so needless to say that gives it even more emotional weight. And even better – all proceeds from the song go directly to the Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT. So please hit that ‘play’ button as often as you can. Alex The Astronaut‘s anticipated debut album The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing is finally getting released on August 21 and following pretty charming singles like I Think You’re Great we are very hooked up on this one. It’s the pure and honest appeal of her music that instantly connects with the listener, creating a wholesome atmopshere. Alex Lynn feels like the person you genuinely like to hang around with and we’re pretty sure she wouldn’t mind to do that with you as well.

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