When I think of Portugal, I think of salt” the young singer C’est Karma says about her recent release Industrial Salt. On the single she recounts the history of her family who had to flee their home in Portugal due to its fascist rule in the 70s and relocated to Luxembourg. That is where Karma grew up. But still, the singer finds herself very in touch with her ancestral roots in Portugal.

Industrial Salt is a homage to my grandmother whom I always picture as a powerful woman. It is a homage to my Portuguese roots, to Portuguese food and to my family that I love deeply.”

Musically the track is a great combination between minimalistic verses on which Karma’s raspy voice is only accompanied by acoustic guitar picking and the heavy reverbed choruses. With dizzying synth layers and distorted vocals, C’est Karma creates a dark, pulsating, industrial vibe. The single is bold and fresh, and the dynamic shifts hold up the tension throughout each beat. With Industrial Salt and the preceding Pool Party, Karma distinguishes herself as a multi-facetted artist with a lot of stories to tell. Her debut EP Farbfilm arrives on November 27.

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