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— Daily Tune 23/10/2020

C’est Karma Confronts Voyeurism And The Male Gaze On “Pool Party”

C’est Karma is the moniker of a young Luxembourg based singer and activist Karma Catena. On Pool Party she dissects male voyeurism that she, like many others, are targeted by when simply wanting to enjoy the sun at the beach. The gentle guitar picking and the mellow alt pop melodies disguise the enraged outcry of the lyrics in musical gowns but when you listen closely, the singer’s message is no less hard hitting. Aside of musical protests C’est Karma is deeply engaged in societal and environmental activism and organized climate strikes at her school. Pool Party is her way of calling out the dangers of misogyny and the male gaze. Following the single, the artist will release he debut EP Farbfilm in November.

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