As the summer is in its final stages I surely hope you had the chance to dance through the fields, lay on the grass, enjoy the sunshine and become one with nature to some degree. After all, the social distancing summer of 2020 was really made for stuff like this and if you haven’t done something like this yet, this new music video by artist Chelsea Pribble will hopefully work as a sort of motivation clip. It’s a haunting visual extension of the beautiful track Overgrown which is taken from her autobiographical concept album Second Movement which was released back in January. On it the singer, songwriter and pianist peers into the darker depths of her life and relationships but she’s also dealing with the realization that her lifelong dream — dancing with a top ballet company — has crumbled away due to the cruel nature of the ballet scene. It’s an ‘age’-thing apparently and yes, I don’t get that either.

However, it only motivated Pribble to pursue her musical dreams and judging from the quality of these songs we can be more than happy about that because Second Movemebt delivers an impressive set of tracks. Dancing remains an integral part of her artistic vision, she can’t hink one without the other and that obviously explains the whole vibe of the Overgrown video. She often finds herself writing songs she can imagine choreographing dance pieces to. And the album’s title is also inspired by a term that’s common to both symphonies and ballets. “First movements are usually more lively, with unresolved conflict or excitement,” Chelsea Pribble explains. “Second movements are slower, more lyrical and usually on the other side of an issue, or in a dream-like state. It’s a metaphor for the shift in my life.”

“As I’ve come to terms with letting go of my dance career as I envisioned it, I’ve been able to embrace a new future with music — with a clarity and focus I didn’t have with dance because I wasn’t aware of all the external forces that were affecting my relationship with it.”

There’s a certain melancholy running through these songs but it happens in quite a liberating way, I must say. Hopefully the song and its beautiful music video will lift your spirit as well in these weird times. Enjoy its world premiere right here.

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