On June 11, Gloucestershire-via-Manchester songwriter Chloe Foy releases her eagerly awaited debut LP Where Shall We Begin and its breathtaking lead single Shining Star sparkles with a tender acoustic charm, captivating harmonies and dramatic instincts. Blending folk-adorned arrangements with an ethereal flux of sound, there is yet a subliminal darkness gleaming through the cracks of the story this song tells.

“My dad was a talented artist and potter, but instead of following that path, he worked an office job in the pursuit of money which ultimately made him very unhappy. It gave me an early life lesson to follow a creative path if it presents itself and to ignore the pressures of society to conform to a certain life. Because it won’t necessarily make you happy.”

Closing of a formative chapter of her life, Where Shall We Begin comes “out of a decade of hard graft” for the songwriter, while Shining Star in particular grapples with the memory of her late father. In regretting how he chose not to follow his passion in life, Chloe Foy also reflects how this served her as an early life lesson to stick to her passions and to not conform to any necessities other than her own longings.

Don’t miss the wonderful acoustic version of Shining Star which Chloe recorded for us.

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