Almost a year has gone by since LANDERS’ debut release Clear Blue Sky. It is now followed by their third release Washing With Water – another gentle, intimate song from the band’s live session recorded in a large warehouse in the outskirts of Berlin. The experimental folk trio invited French pianist Vincent Audusseau to add acoustic piano to the new track. A warm, soothing tune of reflective nature and with sparse instrumentation that pulls the listener closer into what feels like a calm anchor in these challenging times. Weightless and profound at the same time. ‘I’m floating in this lake / Feeling the world go by, go by / Drop after drop / Smile after smile, after smile…’

How did the song come about?

The song came about because we catch ourselves chatting about the importance of finding spaces to relax, for example taking up meditation. We wanted to make sure we gave a sense of that world on the track.

What does it mean to you personally?

It’s the first song that we ever played together in a rehearsal room, so for us, it’s a special track that keeps sticking around with us.

What was the main inspiration behind it?

The whole track is about being aware of the importance of getting back into yourself, remembering who you truly are, facing fear, and staying calm, making sure not to freak out so easily with life’s challenges. Not always so easy to implement, but it’s at least worth singing about.

Don’t miss this wonderful acoustic version of the song which Landers recorded exclusively for us.


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