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— Daily Tune 22/04/2020

Landers’ “Clear Blue Sky” Is The Perfect Soothing Tune For These Times

Sometimes, the most immediate way is the one that reveals the biggest truth. The most vulnerable feeling. And if you are lucky, that spark you have been striving for all along. For Landers, the Berlin-based three piece experimental folk rock band, this kind of immediacy now lies at the core of their project and their first ever release called Clear Blue Sky. Recorded live in a large warehouse (KAOS) just outside of Berlin, the song is the result of a more loose, improvised approach of making music together. Truly immersing into the possibilities of a free creative process, yet keeping the ambient, jazzy vibe relatively simple on their first sonic journey together. Clear Blue Sky favours sparse instrumentation with a love for details over a complex soundscape giving the song an overall gentle, calming quality that echoes softly back and forth. 

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