The sunbeams of the waning summer still feel warm on the skin in late September. On a lucky day you might even get to leave the jacket at home and catch the mellow breeze – those are the days that Jono McCleery’s single seems to impersonate. The warm vocals of the Londoner artist are scattered scarcely over the breathy instrumentation of Follow but when he hits the note, it was worth the wait. Follow is part of the artist’s upcoming record Here I Am And There You Are on which he frees himself from the boundaries and limitations of the music industry. Only working with a couple of friends, the record was entirely self-financed and shows off the newly gained creative freedom at lengths.

Jono McCleery might live in a big city but his musical style speaks to the serenity and peace only to be found in nature. Returning to his introspective and quiet folky roots after touring as part of the One Taste Collective, the artist channels his creative voice. Follow is as effortless as it is beautiful, warming the listener to the bone with its bright and lighthearted melodies – just what we need now to prepare for the winter ahead.

Acknowledging and valuing the past times together, finding the growth to step away from love can be still a decision healthiest for both. Follow is about finding this strength to make the decision that will lead to another path, while still acknowledging the importance of each other in their past lives. It’s about making peace with a mostly heartbreaking situation to start something new and follow different paths.

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