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14 Great Albums Of 2020 You Might Have Missed

In a weird and chaotic year like 2020, it's totally normal to get lost in the whirlwind of new releases, and there are plenty of albums that slipped through our fingers over the past 12 months. Luckily, some of them still ended up on our personal best-of-the-year-lists and today the writers of NBHAP share some of their favourite hidden treasures of the year with you, including records by Billy Nomates, Mavi Phoenix, Eddie Chacon, Riz Ahmed, Spunsugar, Pillow Queens, Christian Lee Hudson, Pip Millett and many more.
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Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Jono McCleery

The charismatic songwriter delivers a smooth piece of laidback bliss on his latest single "Follow". Catch it now in our newcomer playlist along with fresh material from Spunsugar, Pls Pls Me, Aalok Bala, Lupin and other new talents.
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