Almost a year after her wonderful debut release Overgrown Róka is back with another track walking in the footsteps of her lauded first single. Bones was created in collaboration with the producer and songwriter Head Under Water, who is known to dabble in a various array of different styles from techno to neo-classical minimalism. The single speaks more to the latter than the former and fits Róka’s tender vocals. Voice and mellow electronic instrumentation intertwine in an almost organic dance as the singer mourns the loss of time we face.

„I wrote these lyrics three years ago, in a time dealing with personal loss. In its reflection I found words for how I want to spend this precious time on earth. Times like these remind me once more how life dances with the unexpected and how important it is to mindfully pour our energy into things we really want deep within – and to not waste time. Let us turn our eyes to the light and make the best out of everything.“

Against the backdrop of current development and the – yes, I am going to say the C word – spread of the corona virus, we have been shaken awake and painfully reminded of the preciousness of our time on earth. Róka was, with her last release, already way ahead of us, moving in a post-human utopia where nature wins the battle in the end. Now is the time for us to catch up with her and to cherish the time we have on our beautiful planet and to respect it.

“A decision to leave this planet with a satisfied heart by mindfully pouring our energy into things we really want deep within. Don’t waste time. It might be over soon.”

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