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— Daily Tune 19/06/2019

Róka – ‘Overgrown’

It’s an easy thought that feels like a big utopian dream: What if nature just takes everything back, erases all the damage we’ve done to it and simply overgrows us? It’s a romantic wish singer Róka sketches out on her impressive debut single that manages to give the impending climate catastrophy and almost intimate feeling. “We walk the earth and we take it for granted / We walk the earth as if we own it” are the lines that stuck with the listener here. Gently sung over a slow moving trip-hop-infected beat Overgrown creates an almost sentimental notion. It’s a post-human daydream created by an artist that is – in her own words – inspired by the beauty of transience and the soothing thought of nature winning in the end. And you know what, count us officially in for ‘Team nature’ here. We can’t wait fo be overgrown and I personally can’t wait for more marvellous music from Róka in the not so distant future.

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