Following a successful launch last week for our new Listen AHEAD Playlist on Spotify we’re happy to welcome you to the weekly hustle we’re now starting. Every Monday we’re trying to add ten new tracks to this list, songs we consider valuable and that deserve a spot in the limelight and also highlight one tune specifically. And today we’re happy to do that with the lovely return of Tellef Raabe who we’ve been following for a few years now and whose 2017 debut album Idiographic we surely enjoyed. However, the man from Ålesund is still flying way too below the radar of many people (compared to his sister Sigrid) but we got a good feeling that this might change.

I Thought You Knew is a bittersweet return for Mr. Raabe as the theme of it is a pretty sad one, dealing with the end of a friendship, something that can be way more difficult than the end of a romantic relationship. ‘I didn’t see it in your eyes, you were lost across a great divide’, he sings and the song perfectly captures this atmosphere. The single’s out now via Shapes Recordings and there’s probably more greatness from Tellef Raabe waiting further down the line in 2019. We surely can’t wait for it.

Every Monday we’re updating the 50-track-strong Listen AHEAD Playlist on Spotify, adding ten strong songs by sill relatively unknown artists at the beginning. This week’s addition also sees Suzan Köcher, Mirrorball, Charlotte Jacobs, Yeah But No, Geowulf, Velvet Negroni and a few more joining our reign of new music. Discover their songs right here by following the playlist on Spotify.