Aphex Twin

Richard D James aka APHEX TWIN is always good for a surprise, it seems. Not only was his latest album Syro announced via a big zeppelin but now also shared electronic sounds which his six-year old son ‘produced.’ ‘He was 5 when he did most of it and all’ explains James in a new interview with Noyzelab, ‘I never showed him a thing, he worked it all out himself, mind boggling, 5!’ And the result is… well, quite interesting. A spectacular outburst of crazy electronics in the weirdest possible way.

And according to James he’s not the only creative one in the family. ‘He is so advanced mainly because he is trying to keep up with his 8yr old bro who is also going way deep into computers already, dunno where they get it from, it’s really exciting to see them start so young’ explained the charismatic musician in an interview. Looks like an APHEX TWIN family album is only a matter of time. Listen to a few of the tracks right here.