Ben Howard 2014Some artists return with a simple song, maybe even a hit – a crafted songwriting genius like BEN HOWARD returns with an epic monster. Almost eight minutes long is End Of The Affair, the first teaser of his long awaited second studio album. And this one really is a song you should not miss. It starts like a tender melancholic ballad with an honest HOWARD before exploding in an almost FOALS-like math-rock finale.

Well, we must say, we expected a few things from this brave gentleman but this is really surprising. It shows that BEN HOWARD is more than just a radio-friendly songwriter popstar but an ambitious artist who likes to play with expectations. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is also presenting his upcoming but already sold out show  at the Admiralspalast in Berlin on September the 9th. Even if you can’t make it to the date – may this song comfort you tonight and in the near future as well.