Betting On The Mouse (2013)



01. Paralyzed
02. Bite
03. Ready
04. One Lover
05. Heart of Stone
06. Hanging on
07. Bruises
08. Single
09. Random Picking
10. Ride


Okay, so we don’t really need the stereotypical review introduction in form of an encomium on the Danish music scene and all the create acts we know from Copenhagen, for example. It’s a very special scene full of exciting new acts like producer KASPER BJØRKE also told us recently in an interview. And you have to know this to understand Martha Marie Skou and her project BETTING ON THE MOUSE. Being a restless character of the Copenhagen creative scene in the past years, the band is pretty much her baby. After already collaborating with everything from CTM‘s Cæcilie Trier to Ina Lindgreen from DARKNESS FALLS, the self-titled first international album by her group is quite a statement.

Recorded in Berlin and Copenhagen the four piece presents ten quite haunting songs they like to call alternative pop. But it’s most likely left to the audience what exactly you wanna see in this record. The album is the perfect soundtrack to listen to late at night – probably when you are alone on your way home, on the street or driving in a car. The first songs Paralyzed and Bite create a dark and melancholic atmosphere with it’s easygoing guitars and synth organ layers. Ready continues this direction, taking you deeper into the night.

Such uplifting and – compared to the rest fron Betting On The Mouse – harmonic songs like the record’s first single One Lover are the exception. And this is nothing to worry about. The combination of an organic instrumentation with precise electronic bits and pieces works quite fine. But all in all it is Skou’s terrific voice that marks the guiding light in the darkness. Sometimes soulful like in Bruises or even a bit more bluesy like in Single. She clearly knows how to wrap the listener around her finger by the help of that organ.

The new BETTING ON THE MOUSE record is clearly one that invites you discover it with new eyes and ears with every fresh spin you give it. There might be even a slight feeling of disappointment about its short length after the final tune Ride faded out. And if you don’t believe us, feel invited to discover it by yourself. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION presents you the exclusive stream of the album, right here.