Braids-Fruend“I would want my passion to be entirely eternal, because that’s the thing that keeps me going. It keeps you with eyes very open and allows you to not be jaded.” – we must confess we couldn’t have said it better. But these brave words are not by us, they are by Raphaelle Standell-Preston. If you don’t know her – she’s the charismatic lead singer of Canadian indie trio BRAIDS. And the quote is taken from a recent interview the band had with NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. The reason is excitement since the group will release it’s new album Flourish // Perish later this month.

Their atmospheric sounds are perfect to capture the atmosphere of the night time. BRAIDS create a very fascinating mixture of organic sounding electronic and dark wave magic, combined with a huge amount of bittersweet melancholy. It’s music that drives us and the band as well, of course. The haunting Fruend is another take from the upcoming longplayer and it’s our sound of the night today.