Chromatics - Dear Tommy

It really looks like Jonny Jewel is not the most reliable person when it comes to promises. Remember when his band CHROMATICS released a new piece called Just Like You and he promised to drop a new track every week up to the release of the band’s long awaited new studio album Dear Tommy? Well, that was three weeks ago and nothing really happened. We actually still don’t know yet when the follow-up to 2012’s Kill For Love will actually get released but hopefully before the month is over.

In other news… the wait gets a bit less longer since Mr. Jewel just released a shiny new CHROMATICS song off the album. I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around is way less laid back than its predecessor and shows the more grooving side of the band. A pumping beat and the usual synthpop magic on top of it. It’s definitely no lullaby so be yourself and dance through this cold Thursday night.