Daft Punk - 2013It’s probably the most anticipated record to drop in 2013 – Random Access Memories, the new DAFT PUNK album. The first studio record in eight years is about to drop on May 21 via Columbia and still there is no actual full-length music sign from it apart from the little disco loop that we know from the commercials. So, DAFT PUNK keep it mysterious, again. As many of you might already know they teamed up with The Creators Project to launch a special documentary series about the collaborators for the album.

The first three installments are already online featuring disco legends GIORGIO MORODER, NILE RODGERS and house producer TODD EDWARDS. In the little films everyone talks about their own experiences while recording with the French robots. It looks like we can expect a very soulful and organic electronic disco album this spring. Watch the first three parts right here.