So, for those of you who think we’re just a bunch of miserable fools who like to dwell in melancholic dreaming all the time, we’re more than happy to point out that NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION got more to offer in its diverse playlist selection. Yes, let us talk about P-A-R-T-Y right now, girls and boys! And as New Year’s Eve approaches fast we simply thought that it might be a fitting moment to update our old feelgood selection and add brand new hits as well as almost fogotten classics to this one. Compiling a proper party playlist that works for a bigger audience is one of the more prestigious and challenging tasks you can get confronted with. Some only like the obvious and often played classics, others pick their taste by genres while others couldn’t care less as long as booty-shaking is involved.

Believe it or not but our Tasteful Party Times playlist tries to combine all these various tastes as it presents a selection that is driven by a certain love for groove and rhythm while covering as many musical fields as possible. From oldschool funk and soul to 80s hits, from trap to techno, from indie hits to synthpop anthems – there’s pretty much everything in here and that’s what defines a good party, right? NBHAP always enjoys diversity and an element of surprise and that’s why this party playlist found a space for Drake, LCD Soundsystem, The Clash, Michael Jackson, Cardi B, Arctic Monkeys and the Beastie Boys to exist in sweet and entertaining coexistence.

And if your upcoming New Year’s Eve Party face similar problems in the style of ‘We can’t decide what to play because everybody wants something different’ don’t look any further because we got the most perfect solution right in front of you. So, no matter how dim the future might look like there’s always space for good music, pumping grooves and mood-lifting vibes. Because that’s how you know what you are fighting for once times get rough, right? Happy New Year and may your life turn into one great party with these 100 songs!