Photo by Károly Rucska

Who is it?

A brand new four piece outfit from North London and their first ever single. Fans of THE NATIONAL, FRIGHTENED RABBIT or THE SLOW SHOW will definitely fall in love A Little More Time.

Why should you listen to it?

Because NATIONAL SERVICE deliver finest old-fashioned indie-rock with a highly appreciated alternative aspect in it. A Little More Time builds up as a huge sonic anthem and unfolds all of his beauty right in the end in a whirlwind of delicacy. It’s very lovely to see that there’s still band’s out there who are not aiming for hip and trendy hype pop, you know?

What’s next?

Well, as it’s the first single by these guys (out now via Fierce Panda Records) there’s a lot of things happening step by step right here. A first one might be their gig in London one month from now.


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