Photo by Ebru Yildiz

Who is it?

Obviously, 19-year-old songwriter Sophie Allison from Nashville isn’t a proper SOCCER MOMMY yet but that didn’t stop her from picking such a joyful stage name. Freshly signed to independent institution Fat Possum Records, she’s about to become your favourite new DIY sweetheart.

Why should you listen to it?

Out Worn is a shimmering piece of summerly lo-fi pop that feels as if it reactivates all the best from the scene’s former glory and putting it into a fresh contemporary scenery. Or as Allison puts it: ‘You can’t say indie rock is dead. It’s just being taken over by women.’ And that’s just one reason why SOCCER MOMMY should become your 2017 indie summer crush immediately. The other one is the track you are about to listen to.

What’s next?

Mrs. Allison will release her Fat Possum debut, a mini album called Collection, on August the 4th.

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