Darkness Falls - NBHAP GuestmixThere’s nothing wrong with a certain sense of darkness. If you’re a regular follower of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION you might have already sensed that we share a certain love for everything that’s dark, happening at night and is somehow melancholic. Not always but often. And if there’s a band coming from Scandinavia we even take a closer look on it. Looks like in the case of Copenhagen girl duo DARKNESS FALLS all the good things come together as one.

The duo released its stunning debut Alive In Us way back in 2011 and has just released a remix version of the record to bridge the gap between album number one and the sophomore follow-up which is currently in the making. A Dream Within a Dream, a new track from the remix record, leaves us with optimistic feelings that the new record will walk into a similar direction as the TRENTEMØLLER produced debut album. A wave-inspired darkness that combines with hypnotic sounds and vocals – this is what DARKNESS FALLS are about and we’re happy to have Josephine Philip and Ina Lindgreen on board for their very own NBHAP Guestmix.

“We have made a mix where you can just lean back and relax. It’s new stuff, old stuff and songs we love” – that’s the simple message from DARKNESS FALLS and their one hour long selection is clearly one that soaks you into its fascinating sound. It’s as easy as it is interesting to spot the duo’s influences in this selection. So please join us for a trip into sweet melancholia right here.

01. DEAD MAN’S BONES –  Lose Your Soul
02. MOLLY NILSON – Wiskey Sour
03. BETTING ON THE MOUSE – Paralyzed
04. NANCY SINATRA – Lightning Girl
05. DARKNESS FALLS – A Dream Within a Dream
06. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – I Can Change
07. JAI PAUL – Jasmine
08. KURT VILE – Too Hard
09. JAMES BLAKE – Retrograde
10. ANE TROLLE – Ribbon Arms
11. DEVENDRA BANHART – Your Fine Petting Duck
12. EMORE JUDD – Staring at the Screen
13. MARIE FISKER – On the Beach
15. JOLIE HOLLAND – Oldfashion Morfin