Dead Girlfriends - EPSome of you might wonder what happened to former electronic clash project ELITE GYMNASTICS. It looks like the band is history as mastermind James Brooks now confirmed in a blog status. This news clearly marks no surprise since the future of the former duo was already quite unclear after James Clancey left the band in early 2012. And now Brooks decided to just, well, end it after all. But we clearly don’t need to miss him and his talent of creating decent electronica sounds as he now unveiled his new project DEAD GIRLFRIENDS.

In terms of musical progress it looks like the just released EP Stop Pretending bridges the past with the future. Brooks somehow cheeasy and 90s influenced electronica is still a big part of it but there’s a new aspect to DEAD GIRLFRIENDS. Something a bit darker, more disturbing. Something you didn’t expect from one of the closest friends to Claire Boucher aka GRIMES (who also did the artwork for his new EP). It’s perfect material for the night. One that unfolds its mysterious magic slowly. Witness it right here since On Fraternity is NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s sound of the night today.