No, this much is for sure. Four Tet - Beautiful RewindKieran Hebden is no one who likes to take the easy way. For the British producer – whom you might know better under his alias FOUR TET – club music can be more than just repetitive sounds and structures. Sure, he’s also a fan ob loops and tight beets, but the techno for Hebden marks a quite different side of the whole ‘club sound’ structure. His latest track Parallel Jalebi is the musical proof of this.  The song is another teaser from the musician’s new album Beautiful Rewind which still got no specific release date besides Hebden’s message “soon.”

And it’s a dark and rolling track, heavily filtered with a nightly undertone and tiny bits and pieces you are invited to discover. It’s also a dance track, but not one of the usual ones. This marks something more interesting. Typical FOUR TET if you want to call it this way. Keeps us exciting for the longplayer. And if you didn’t know it yet, Hebden also produced an album with Syrian superstar OMAR SOULEYMAN which will be out in late October. Busy times for the man. Even tonight. Enjoy NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s Sound Of The Night today.